Stable Economy

The Croatian macroeconomic environment is stable which is first of all reflected in the low inflation rate. Furthermore, the average exchange rate oscillations have been very low. Croatia's economic policy is aimed at building a stable and strong economy that would be competitive in the global market.

EU Membership

As of 1ST July 2013 Croatia become the 28th member state of the European Union. Croatia's EU membership will contribute to ongoing political and economic development along with high standards of the rule of law and high quality regulations.


Located in the heart of Europe, Croatia has an excellent geostrategic position. Well-connected with Eastern and Central Europe as well as the rest of Europe, Croatia represents a bridge between Western and Central Europe with the Black Sea and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Region with the Mediterranean.


Boasting a network of modern and newly-constructed highways that stretch across more than a thousand kilometers, three pan-European corridors passing through the country, six international airports and three local airports, six sea and four river ports, Croatia has a huge competitive advantage compared to the other countries in the region.

Human Resources

Human resource is one of the most important preconditions for investors in their decision to invest in a particular country. An efficient, innovative and multilingual workforce lies at the foundation of successful business operations and the development of a company. Investors who are already successfully operating in Croatia confirm the quality of human resources in Croatia. More...

Investment Locations

Croatia offers investors more than 200 investment locations/ business zones, completely adapted to the investors' needs with fully-equipped infrastructural facilities.

Investment Climate

The Croatian government, aware of the importance of attracting foreign direct investment for the economic progress of the country, is actively implementing activities to increase the competitiveness of the Croatian economy with a strong emphasis on improving the investment environment.

Investment Incentives

Incentives, employment and training incentives and incentive measures for capital costs of investment projects are available. Incentives related to investment projects: Manufacturing activities; Development and innovation activities' Business support services and High added value services.

Quality of Life

The quality of life in Croatia measured by economic standards, security, freedom, environment, climate, health, cost of living, culture, leisure, infrastructure and risk ranks Croatia at a high 18th place out of 193 countries in the world according to research of the International Living Magazine.